Conditions of the Competition

Design Cabinet CZ, z. s. in cooperation with Foundation SUTNARFOUNDATION OF
RADOSLAV AND ELAINE SUTNAR, DEPO2015 and participating Universities
announces the competition for the Czech National Award for Student Design 2019.
Competition is international and is established for Universities, High Schools, and
Professional Schools of design, architecture, handicraft, and fine art.

1 /Aim of the Competition, Participants, and Subject of the Competition 2019

1.1 / Aim of the Competition

The aim of the competition is to help students of design at beginning of their
careers and finding connections between students and schools with industry and
production and business companies. The competition has been monitoring,
documenting, evaluating and presenting student works of design, architecture,
handicraft, and fine art at Universities, High Schools, and Professional Schools
of design, architecture, handicraft, and fine art since 1991.

1.2 / Participants of the Competition

Students of Universities, High Schools, and Professional Schools can participate in
the competition. Both individuals and author teams can participate in the

1.3 / Subject of the Competition

_a) Kind and Time Specification.
All student works i.e. final exam, semester, graduate and other own works in
the field of design, architecture, arts and crafts that had not been registered
in the previous years of the competition, are acceptable.

b) Topic Specification.
Any works that can be included in the domain of product and industrial
design – product design (for example, interior and outdoor furniture, interior
accessories, glass, pottery, lamps, tableware, cookware, sanitary ware, toys,
sports equipment, wrappers with putting emphasis on their construction,
musical instruments, teaching aids, hobby etc), industrial design (i.e. design
related to construction of tools, medical technology, transport design,
mechanical engineering, agricultural technology, civil engineering, building
construction etc), applied arts, arts and crafts or art design (textile and clothing design,
footwear, accessories, jewel, and various author´s designs),
architecture, design of private and public interiors, stage design, and
landscape design.

c) Requirements.
The requirements are described in the Appendix 1. The registered works that
do not satisfy the specifications defined in the paragraph 1 of the Conditions
or do not satisfy the specifications defined in the Appendix 1, will not be
accepted. If the registration fee is not paid in the defined term then the work
will be put out (see the paragraph 3.2 of the Conditions).

2 / Juries, Way of Assessment the Accepted Works, and Awarding

2.1 / Juries

Three independent juries (named by the director of Design Cabinet CZ with
consideration of announcers) will assess the accepted works.

The National High School Jury will consist of appointed high school teachers. The
National University Jury will consist of appointed university pedagogues. The
International Jury will consist of independent experts, curators, and professional
designers or artists. All juries may be international.

Jury members will be appointed in cooperation of individual educational institutions
and other announcers of the competition.

The National High School Jury and the National University Jury will be assembled on
these principles:

→ A pedagogue may become a member of jury if more than two works from
his/her atelier were accepted and the school confirmed his/her appointment.
→ Some members of juries may become pedagogues whose students were
awarded in the last year’s competition (National Award, Excellent Design or
Good Design).
→ Some members of juries are pedagogues from the directly cooperating
→ In case when the constitution of jury does not correspond to the set of
branches of accepted works, then a next member will be appointed
according to results of the last year’s competition.

Composition and results of the International Jury will be published in a separate

Schools will be called upon to take part in juries by Director of Design Cabinet CZ.
Each addressed educational institution will itself make a proposal of jurors and their
deputies at its discretion with consideration to the recommendations of Director of
Design Cabinet CZ.

Constitution of the juries will be published on,, on web pages of the cooperating announcers and on
the web pages of the schools and universities that will show interest in it.

The membership in the Juries is honorary.

2.2 / Way of Assessment for Universities, Schools, and Professional Schools

The National University Jury and the National High School Jury assess the works by
electronic way (web).

Design Cabinet CZ will provide the appointed jurors with all the necessary materials
(photos, videos, animations, annotations etc. in digital form), table with the list of
the accepted works, criteria for assessment, assessment point scale, and tables for

Each juror will assess each work individually by recording points into the table
according to defined criteria.

Criteria of assessment for all branches of design:
Originality, innovation
Technical and technological level of advancement
Harmony of the aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic design
Ethical, environmental, and social aspects
Next criteria defined by the juries

The assessed works will be anonymous, i.e. the jurors will know only registration
number without knowing names or schools.
Members of the both National University Jury and National High School Jury will have
at least 10 days for the assessment of works.

All registered and accepted works will be assessed.

Point assessment of the works will be registered.

Any juror may help with evaluating of assessment tables and check the results when
assessing is finished.

Director of Design Cabinet CZ is a secretary of jury and nominates his/her deputy.
The deputy will process the completed assessment tables and on the base of
number of points from all jurors then will decide which works will be nominated for
National Award for Student Design 2019.

The secretary and his/her deputy are responsible for organization of assessment,
communication with jurors, maintaining running documentation, and working out of
the final report.

2.3 / Nominations and Advancement to the Final National Round of the Competition

Both the University Jury and High School Jury decide on dependency on the point
assessment about nominations for the National Award for Student Design. In the
last round of the competition the independent International Jury consisting of
professional designers and experts (respected personalities out of educational
institutions) will award prizes on the level Outstanding Student Design, on the level
Excellent Student Design and one National Award for Student Design * GRAND and
one National Award for Student Design * JUNIOR. The International Jury determines
numbers of awarded a prizes on the individual levels. In an exceptional case the jury
may award the Special Prize of Jury.

2.4 / Special Prizes

The special prizes are awarded by deans of faculties, directors of professional
institutions, museums or famous design studios, companies, publishing houses and
other partner subjects. These prizes are awarded independently on the juries.

3 / Financing of the Competition and Registration Fee

3.1 / Way of Financing

The competition is based on financing from more sources. One of the sources are
the registration fees that presents the participation of schools or students who
registered individually. The main finance source is contributions of private donors
and cooperating announcers.
The account was opened at FIO Bank belonging to the Design Cabinet z. s.
Account Holder: Design Cabinet CZ, z. s.
Bank Name: FIO Bank
Account Number: 2301623200 / 2010
IBAN: CZ6320100000002301623200
Payment Purpose: assigned registration number (will be sent by e-mail)
Transaction Number: assigned registration number (will be sent by e-mail)

3.2 / Registration Fee

Registration fee is CZK 1000 per each submitted application

Accepted application will be labelled with registration number that will be the same
as the number of invoice (i.e. variable symbol for non-cash payment) to account
mentioned above (see the paragraph Way of Funding). In case of collective payment
for larger group of students the variable symbol will be assigned as well. The
specific symbol for the competition for year 2019 is 19 000.

Due date is 14 days after issuing the invoice.

If the registration fee is not paid in term, then the application will be put out of the

The registration fee serves for covering the administrative and organizational costs
of the competition.

4 / Deadlines for Submitting Applications and Providing Works for the Competition

4.1 / Applications

The deadline for submitting the applications (i.e. registration) is June 26, 2019. The
completely filled-in application form must be submitted (all image attachments
included) on the address Design Cabinet CZ assigns to each registered work unique registration number. The accepted works are assessed
anonymously only under their registration numbers.

4.2 / Competing Materials and Enclosures

All necessary enclosures that are part of the application must be registered via
application form on the address when the application is
being registered (see the previous paragraph); the deadline is June 26, 2019.
Exceptionally and due to well-founded cases, extra term may be arranged for some
schools after agreement with the school leadership. The schools will be informed
about extra term via rectors, deans or heads of departments and ateliers.

4.3 / Collecting of the Nominated Works for Evaluation by the International Jury

The date and the place of collecting of the nominated works will be published at the
end of August 2019 on web sites and The supposed date is September 3 – September, 4 2019 on
specified address.

Posters (size 70 × 100 cm) on the solid kappa undercoat (width 0.5 cm) will be
presented to the International Jury together with the nominated works.

No works collected for assessment by the International Jury are insured.

Some participants of the competition can be asked to provide posters and works for
exhibitions abroad.

4.4 / Giving Back the Materials

The posters and the nominated works will be given back to the participants of the
competition after appeal of the announcers of the competition. If the materials are
not withdrawn according to instructions then they will be provided to the
collections in museums engaged in design or will be liquidated.

5 / Announcement of the Results and Ways of Presentation

5.1 / Announcement of the Results and Awarding

a) Announcement of the Results
Announcement of the results and awarding of prizes will take place in
DEPO15 in Pilsen on November 14, 2019. Announcers of the competition
reserve the right to change the date and place. Letter of invitation for the
ceremonial awarding will be sent to all participants.

b) Press Conference
Announcers of the competition will arrange press conference on day of
announcement of results and awarding the prizes, where reporters and
representatives of media will be given press materials. All awarded students,
their pedagogues or school representatives will be invited to take part in the
press conference.

c) Media Campaign
The announcers will organize media campaign in two waves. The first as
recruitment for participating in the competition the latter after
announcement of results and opening the exhibition.

5.2 / Presentation of the Competition

Presentation of the results and awarded works will depend on the amount of
financial contributions of announcers of the competition and private subjects.

Exhibition of the awarded and nominated works New G(o)ods! will take place in
Pilsen from November 11 – November 21, 2019. The latter exhibition will take place in
Prague in the atrium of Faculty of Architecture ČVUT from November 26 to
December 6, 2019. It is supposed that the results of the competition will be
presented abroad via Czech Centres in years 2020.

5.3 / Presentation of the Registered Works

An adequate documentation will be prepared to the exhibition (in case of receiving
sufficient financial support printed Czech-English catalogue) where all awarded
works will be presented an all registered works will be mentioned and schools where
they were created.

In case a printed form will be available each participant of the competition (student)
will receive one presentation product free of charge and each registered school will
be given some presentation products free of charge related to the number of
registered works (relation will be approximately 1:5).

The results of competition will be also published on Design Cabinet CZ web pages, on the web pages of the competition www.studentskydesign.czon web pages of cooperating announcers, on web pages
of partners, and on web pages of participating schools and ateliers if they show
their interest in it.

6 / Expert Guarantor of the Competition and Contact Address

The competition is organized by the Design Cabinet CZ, FOUNDATION SUTNAR

Design Cabinet CZ z. s.

+420 602 350 805 (PhDr. Lenka Žižková, organization of the competition, invoices)
+420 733 155 985 (MgA. Lucie Kaslová, documents for assessment juries)
+ 420 734 587 770 (Viera Postníková, register numbers)



Mgr. Soňa Kratochvílová
+ 420 377 636 713
+ 420 721 685 589

Appendix 1: Requirements to the Application and Submitted Works

1 / Competition Applications

The application is submitted by complete filling-in the application form (all image
attachments included) on the web page

2 / Competing Works

2. Competing Works
Competing works are accepted to the competition in the form of appropriate
photo-documentation or other visual form that are loaded during filling-in the
registration form on the web page, and the format must
be corresponding with the technical specifications defined in the web registration

Maximal number of the enclosed files with the visual attachments (without poster) is
8. It is necessary due to publication purposes that name of each enclosed file has a
unique identification i.e. name of author. No diacritics may be used in the name of
the file (only accepted characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and character “underscores” _).
If these requirements are not met then the work will not be registered.

In case of another form of presentation as is video, animation etc, record the work
on channels Vimeo or Youtube and reference fill in the column “Add reference to
video”. The video must be put on web with name of the work not with author´s

If there are any problems with recording picture enclosures or other forms of
presentation then contact

In case of nomination and advance to the final round, national round, the
competitors or schools will be called upon in the end of August, at the beginning of
September to provide the design to Pilsen:

a) As a model, a prototype, or a complete product for assessment by the
International Jury (please, see the details about the international round), if it is
required by nature of the work.
b) As a presentation board (poster) with longer side 100 cm on solid light
undercoat (best kappa, max. width 0.5 cm); works adjusted in frames or in
glass will not be accepted. The registration number must be written on the
reverse side.

The works and all documents must be labelled with the registration number, but no
other identification info must be presented (especially no name of author or school),
otherwise the anonymity of the competition would be violated.

The models (prototypes, products) and the presentation boards will be assessed by
the International Jury and will be used for the follow-up exhibitions.

3 / Enclosures to the Competing Works

a) Mandatory Enclosures
See the Appendix 1, item 2.

b) Recommended Enclosures
Recommended enclosure for the nominated works that are assessed by the
International Jury is anonymous portfolio in the maximum of format A3 with
text and picture(s) presenting description of the work – i.e. philosophy of the
work or product (function, material, purpose etc.), example of using etc. It is
also recommended to add the portfolio in English due to possible exhibitions
abroad. Author approach to this form of presentation contributes to the
attractiveness of the competing work.

c) Agreement with the Conditions of the Competition
Author (co-authors, school) by filling-in the registration form on web pages and sending it, expresses (express) consent with
the free of charge using of the works for exhibiting and publishing, for
publishing the works and contacts on internet, and expresses (express)
consent to Design Cabinet CZ and announcers of the competition for creating
photos, videos etc. with full respect to the copyrights.

In the context with the directive of the EU Parliament and Council of the EU
2016/697 and regulation 95/46/ES and associated law number 101/2000 Sb.,
applicant agrees with processing of personal data contained in the
documentation of the competition and archiving of them for the requirements
of the competition.

The participant (school) explicitly agree that the competing work (protected
work) may be used by the announcer of the competition (without claiming any
reward) purposes presented above in all ways of use, for all countries of the
world, without any time limitation or the competing work may be provided to
third persons for the same purposes even after finishing the competition.

The law of the Czech Republic is crucial for all conditions of taking part in the
competition, conditions of the competition, and authorization of using the
competing works. All persons involved agree that any conflict related to the
competition will be solved conciliatory in presence of announcer of the
competition. Judge authorities that are relevant for solving possible conflicts
(that was not closed conciliatory with cooperation of announcer) are general
tribunals of Czech Republic.

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